Get Professional-Grade Equipment for Your Event

We offer sound system setup services in Casper, WY

You can't throw an incredible live event without the right equipment. Luckily, Dynamic Sound and Lighting has everything you need. Whether you need sound system setup or stage lighting setup services, we do it all in Casper, WY. Just leave the live production in our hands, and we'll make sure that your event goes perfectly!

Contact us today to schedule sound system setup or stage lighting setup services. If you need us to bring and set up a stage for your event, we're happy to take care of that as well.

We specialize in:

Live Sound Reinforcement

We ensure that Sound System layout and Speaker placement as well as microphone types and placement are optimized for the richest sound quality possible for your event. Whether the event is a small one- or two-piece setup, larger band setup or even Festival size, we can supply F.O.H. sound and mixing, stage monitoring, and stage lighting.